Antidote Glass Antidote Glass was founded on the principles of cause and effect. Located in Southern California, this unique glass line gives the less fortunate another opportunity.

We met them at Champs trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2016. Their unique mindset and ability to create simple yet unique pieces is what caught our eye. Antidote Glass The Pill logo represents Antidote without spelling it, this logo is simple yet customers these days seem to really relate to the meaning and feeling behind this brand.

Every piece come's with a sticker that is held on by a piece of hemp-wick.

We believe this is a great way to add value to their line, and it also tells the customer a little bit of who they are, and what their money is going towards. Antidote Glass Right now, Antidote Glass is currently working with the "Houston Texas Relief" program.

Every piece that's purchased in the month on September, a portion of the gross sales will go towards helping those who need food in Houston Texas.

They plan on working with the RAW foundation as well as donating to the "Cannabis Cancer Research Foundation". Antidote Glass Every piece of Antidote Glass is hand-made in Southern Cali, this image show's the hemp-wick being strung onto the hang-tags before being placed onto the glass!

Toobs Couldn't be more stoked to be working with such a quality glass line, and we look forward to watching Antidote Glass move on smoke-shop shelves all over the country!

Written by: The Management!

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