The team here at Toobs Distribution loves to get new products in stock just
in time for the holidays. The Broccoli Basher grinder is perfect for the customers looking to buy a quality grinder without breaking the bank!
Each Broccoli Basher is tightly packed into this excellent pop display making it easy for transportation, and it gives the product value sitting on your store shelves. The Toobs team does our best to listen to our customers, you've asked for a "cheap" alternative and we provided you with something with proper functionality. The last thing you want is customers to return to your store 20 min after buying a product from you asking for a return. Our motto is simple, if wouldn't use it we don't carry it!
Buy your 12 pack now by clicking here:
Suggested Retail Per Grinder:
  • Small $4.00
  • Medium $6.00
  • Large $12.00