Twisted Labs is the Original Silicone brand within this counter culture industry!
Pushing the limits yet again, Twisted labs released it's all new L.E.D Silicone beaker complete with an atomic beaker bowl piece! What makes these beakers so unique is the ability to have them light up with three different light settings.
1). Solid Light
2). Medium Strobe
3). Quick Strobe


  • 8" In Height
  • Silicone Down-Stem With Custom Beaker Bowl
  • Platinum Cured Medical Grade Silicone
  • 500 Degrees Heat Resistant
  • Led Lighting Technology
Smoking in the dark over the past 24 months has become extremely popular, and the customers are looking for more ways to enjoy that experience! Order yours today by clicking here
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The Purple and Nuclear Twisted Labs led beakers!
Solid Strobe!
Striped Yellow!
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