MyPress Solventless, the Only Way

MyPress Solventles evolved from a passion to provide everyone a superior, high-quality way to create their own oil.

Initially, the industry saw a rapid growth of presses hitting the market that was simply re-purposed technologies from other commercial industries, repackaged and resold as a new technology.

We knew there was a service to be provided currently lacking in the industry by producing a high-quality, portable and lightweight press designed from the ground up, for everyone.

A high-quality, portable and lightweight press designed from the ground up, for everyone.

MyPress Features:

  • Minimal effort needed to place in locked position
  • Needs NO Solvents!
  • Small, Lightweight and Portable
  • Easy-to-Use Functions & Features
  • Capable of producing industry-standard yields
  • Adjustable Temperature Control & Plate Distance
  • Front Facing Timer, Activated by Plates Open/Close
  • Single button F to C temperature display
  • Lifetime Warranty on Press

Truly Portable Rosin Press

In total, MyPress weighs 13 lbs.; with a sturdy, ergonomically designed handle in a composite, heat-resistant, ABS housing. The body incorporates an “easy store” spool for power cord storage and protection, when in transit. The internal frame of the MyPress is composed of custom engineered, hot-rolled steel, guaranteed to function flawlessly time-after-time. The two, dual-heated Axiom plates utilize high-strength, stainless steel to provide maximum heat-transfer efficiency, and continued performance.

When properly utilized by locking the unit in the closed position, the Axiom plates apply 6 tons of pressure “at plate level”, while requiring only minimal effort to operate! The MyPress is lightweight, sturdy, compact and efficient.

Easy to Operate

Featuring prominently on the body of the MyPress is an easy to read, operator-friendly LCD with a simple button layout, allowing precise control of applied temperatures ranging from 100° to 250° Fahrenheit (37°C - 121°C), in ten-degree increments (~5.5° C). 

MyPress features a front facing count-up timer, which halts counting when opened and resets to zero when closed again, allowing the operator to efficiently monitor the process, and fine-tune adjustments to realize best yield, or finest flavors.

This proprietary functionality allows the operator to record and track the best starting material-specific results for later repetition. While the quality of starting material directly influences the end result, MyPress will maximize your material’s potential. MyPress is easy to use, requires only gentle application of force, and is capable of industry specific standards when utilizing quality starting materials.

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