Clout: Pokito Bundle (100 pc)

100 Pokito Batteries! Saves you $300!

This bundle is set up to stock up your shop and help you save money!

The Pokito comes in colors!!! Enjoy this small, discreet and easy to use Pokitos!

Use this variable voltage magnetic powered battery with cartridges. 450 MAH built in battery, push button, 3 voltage settings, preheat capability and 5-10 thread connection. Also comes with the USB charger!

10millimeter Cartridge Slot Diameter

In order to use this device you must use the magnetic ring that screws onto your cartridge!


  • Variable Voltage Battery
  • Setting 1: 3.0V
  • Setting 2: 3.7V
  • Setting 3: 4.2V
  • Magnetic Ring (Screws onto Cartridge)
  • USB Charger


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