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Eyce Molds Silicone Nectar Collector with Silicone Storage

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Eyce Molds Silicone Nectar Collector with Silicone Storage

Take your waxy concentrates with you on-the-go with this awesome silicone nectar collector from Eyce! With an optional percolator and a built-in silicone container, this 8" nectar collector can be stored with its straw pointed inside its body for sterility and protection and can even be shrunk down to a mere 6" long by removing the percolator part. When it's time to enjoy some nectar, simply remove the cap of the storage with the concentrate inside, heat the titanium straw, and enjoy!

his silicone nectar collector can be broken down into several parts for easy cleaning, but it essentially breaks down into 3 main partsthe straw, which includes the titanium straw and the part it fastens into with a short tube; the percolator, which is optional but helps filter and cool incoming vapors; and the mouthpiece, which includes the built-in 1mL non-stick storage container.

At the center of this nectar collector is an optional 2" dome perc chamber. Put a little water inside of the chamber and the vapors you suck up through the straw will be cooled and filtered for cleaner, smoother hits. Alternatively, the piece can be taken out of the pipe completely to shorten the collector's length by 2", collapsing it and making it more discrete.

Without the percolation chamber, Eyce's Silicone Nectar Collector becomes a mere 6" long, about as long as a hand. The collector can be shrunk and made even more discrete by flipping the straw to the inside of the mouthpiece, making this nectar collector one more inch shorter, down to 5".

Near the mouth is a built-in silicone storage container, the lid of which featuring the Eyce logo. The interior is deep and able to hold a good amount of material to enjoy anywhere the nectar collector itself can go. The inside is non-stick and, like the rest of the pipe, made with food-grade silicone which can withstand bacteria or contaminate the flavor of your material. When you are ready for it, turn the pipe upside down so the material will fall into the lid before pulling it out, when it can act as a plate for use as much as the cap of a storage container.

What do you do with a hot titanium straw? Most other nectar collectors would have you simply put it down without the hot tip touching anything. Not this one! Eyce found a solution to this: put the hot tip inside of the body! When it's time to put this straw away but you can't wait for the tip to cool, simply pull the silicone pieces apart and turn the nail inside of the mouthpiece. This will keep the hot tip contained in the heat-resistant silicone and can be transported easily or put away.

Buy 5 Silicone Nectar Collectors to receive a display box of them, able to be opened and displayed for your shop countertop. Each box comes with a random assortment of colors.


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