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Flow-Tips Hollow Shaped Filters Display - (10pc)

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Flow-Tips Hollow Shaped Filters Display - (10pc)

The compressed cotton hollow tip filter gives the smoker a great smooth pull of the cigarette while sufficiently blocking tar and other unwanted substances from getting through.

With these tips you can be sure you are getting the full smoking sensation with maximum flow, while enjoying a filter that can actually absorb what shouldn’t go through.

Ideally formed hollow filters give the ultimate premium look to your cigarette together with advantages of solid and collapse-free recessed parts.

Key Benefits:

Full Flow – Maximizes flow through the filter allowing for easy inhalation and for easy passage for the smoke.

The premium cotton tips are firm on the outside making them suitable for all rolling devices, and makes them great for all the Roll-Your-Own (RYO) smokers.

Hollow tips can be used with all rolling substances, such as marijuana, tobacco and other herbs.


  • (100) Tips
  • 10 Packs
  • 15-20-22 mm / 6-7-8 mm


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