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Flurish 1 Gram Platinum Live Resin Pod Display - Gushers (Sativa)

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Flurish 1 Gram Platinum Live Resin Pod Display - Gushers (Sativa)

Flurish Platinum Live Resin Delta-8 Pods

Product Description

  • (10) 1 Gram Pods to a Display
  • Battery not Included
  • Magnetic Connection

Flurish Vault gets you the best quality Delta 8 pods. The product can be combined with a charger and battery for the longest usage. Flurish's motive is to fill our customers with the finest quality products.

Unlike other companies, Flurish doesn't want you to increase your bills by buying pods every time their battery dies. Flurish ushers their customers with the top-quality battery to make your experience with pods last longer than ever.

Sleek & Simple ready for on the go! 

About Flurish

Flurish Vault is an advocate for the entirety of cannabinoids. We specialize in creating products for therapeutic and medicinal use. The name of our brand, “Flurish Vault,” evokes the idea that we could “flourish” with the best quality products.

As a popular brand, we believe in bringing out the finest quality products. With years of experience and expertise, we have come a long way in growth and success. We still are striving to create the best version of our brand.

Our Labs Make Us Proud

Extracting Delta 8 is a long and complex process. To be the best in the market, we carry out the process in our labs. Our extract lab and the whole team are committed to researching, manufacturing, and developing the top quality products. We have a shared vision of spreading plant-based wellness to everyone.

Our team is extraordinarily focused on quality and safety. We, as a team, share the motive of preparing non-dangerous products. We have ample knowledge to get along with the gummies and pods production process. Delta 8 gummies, pods, chargers, and batteries are our unique selling products.

Setting a New Standard

Flurish Vault uses the finest quality ingredients. We believe transparency between our customers and us should be to the extent of root-and-branch. Our team wishes to make your health decisions under your radical control, so that you will know what and why you are consuming our products. We even label our products with the information you need to know and wish to continue the honest practices in the future.

Flurish Vault works on five principles

• Quality first
• Thorough testing
• Natural ingredients
• Maximum potency and effect
• Safest formulas

Having cleared that, we ought to remain stuck with our quality standards, pricing, and widening accessibility of our product for the longest period.

Our Philosophy

Flurish Vault gives complete significance to the plants. We feel that visionary plants hold utter importance in your self-growth and development. The Delta 8 or Delta 9 acts as a tool that gives you the access to think more deeply, elevates your creative skills, and fuels your critical thinking. All these heightened skills permeate into our lives.

We extract compounds naturally from nature. Our labs are playing a perfect role in deriving hemp-based compounds and using them in the most thoughtful manner. Flurish Vault develops products that compile the philosophies of sourcing visionary compounds.

Our team is so far-sighted that we aim to multiply our products in the future. We don’t know how to stop, and this is our strength. Intending to help people, Flurish Vault is setting virtues of higher-dimensional thinking.

The Virtues of Multi-Dimensional Thinking

Self-awareness and self-control
Finding numerous understanding approaches
Imaginative planning
The quest to perform the best
The desire to be truthful and understanding

Flurish Vault not only mentions it but works tiringly to fulfill these self-set virtues. We have always been driven to quality and customer satisfaction. Keeping these approaches in mind, we can keep our standards high and set more goals.

Dealing in well-developed Delta 8 gummies and other products keeps us under the eye every time. We try to stand true to what we claim, not just for our image, but to sustain in the market with a good name. Our quality standards are not just to prove what we are, but what we want to do. We believe there is always room for improvement, and we try to improve our operations every day. Delta 8 products are tricky to deal with, but our vision keeps us going.

Our Mission

We started from the ground with the mission of introducing safe and high-quality cannabis products. Flurish Vault was founded as a ground for testing compounds and other plant-based extracts. With years of hard work, expertise and experience, we have managed to earn a name in the market.

Flurish Vault has grown from zero to something. From the contribution of our team to the vision we had, we have resisted hundreds of bottlenecks. Here, we value exceptional product potency, dense quality, and radical transparency. We try to put our full potential into the products we deliver.

The Products at Flurish Vault

Flurish Vault is gradually gaining popularity and customer support. With supreme quality products, we have driven excellence in our production. The products that we deliver are safe, potent, and accessible.

Battery and Charger

Studying the market and understanding the requirements of the groups, we decided to introduce these Delta 8-infused products. Since Delta 8 is known for its mild potency and soft effects, we believe it best suits our vision.


Our hemp derived products are not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18. All hemp derived products contain less than 0.3% THC per the Controlled Substances Act. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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