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Green Monkey Chacma 63mm - Purple

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Green Monkey Chacma 63mm - Purple

To use the Chacma grinder, lift the magnetic lid and insert a nug or two of weed in between the teeth layers. Place the lid back on and twist. It feels comfortable to grip the device around the base as it’s been designed to fit perfectly in hand. This design resembles a goblet or chalice, and looks sleek when resting on a coffee table. Once all the weed has dropped through to the next layer, unscrew the teeth from the base. This is where the ground bud collects, and this chamber is extended so it can store extra for later. Unscrew the very bottom layer to find the collected kief with a scraper tool. Once the joint or blunt is rolled up and lit, it can rest in a groove on the lid of the Chacma, catching the ash while it’s not being smoked.


  • CHACMA | The Chacma is an herb grinder with a built-in ashtray and smoke rest. It has an ergonomic design that is easy to turn and looks sleek while not in use.
  • ASHTRAY | This is a unique grinder that has a small ashtray built right into the lid. There are 2 grooves to rest a smoke, and the center of the lid acts as the ashtray to catch the ash.
  • 63MM | 63 is a standard size for dry herb grinders. It can fit multiple nugs at once and has an extended storage chamber, so it is efficient while being able to fit in the palm of your hand.
  • WINDOW PACKAGING | The Chacma’s box has a window on the front that makes in-store display a breeze. No need to take all the colors out of their boxes to show your selection. Just put one on display so customers can handle it, and then line the other color options up behind the windows facing front.



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