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KARMA Hemp Wraps "Zig-Zagz" - Tropic Trip

KARMA Hemp Wraps "Zagz" , Rolling Paper & Wraps , Wraps

KARMA Hemp Wraps "Zig-Zagz" - Tropic Trip
Karma Hemp Wraps Tropic Trip 25 Pack with 2 Wraps per Pack!


Without question, Karma Tropic Trip Hemp Wraps are the trippiest tasting blunt wraps on the market, worldwide! But then again, Zags are made with premium, US-grown Hemp and all-natural fruit flavors such as pineapple, mango, coconut, guava, and banana!

So if you’re on a quest to find real organic Hemp Wraps, then, by all means, don’t pass by without giving Karma Tropic Trip Hemp Wraps a try! That’s right; at Buy Little Cigars we offer a sweet 25-pack value box of Karma for a price that’ll instantly see you receive up to five extra packs of Tropic Trip Hemp Wraps on the house, for free! On that note, order your supply of Karma today and save!


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