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Ooze Slider Glass Blunt Display - 18ct

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Ooze Slider Glass Blunt Display - 18ct

The Ooze Glass Blunt Slider is the future of blunt smoking! Perfect for beginners, or when you don't have time to roll one up. Slide out the inner tube, load up the chamber, and light up! The capacity and feel of a blunt meets the easy loading and smooth hits of a glass piece.

This counter display contains 18 glass blunt sliders in 6 colors, in their own individual tubes. These pieces are conversation starters, and are sure to draw attention on your counter. Try making some bundles with other Ooze products, rolling trays, grinders and lighters!


  • Highest Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Silicone Sleeve
  • Portable
  • Easy To Clean


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