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Ooze Stash Station Display - 12ct
It doesn't get more Ooze-y than the Ooze Stash Station! This multipurpose silicone storage container is an all-in-one piece to properly house your concentrates and dab tools. This is a totally non-stick piece, and because it's made entirely of silicone, is incredibly heat-resistant and unbreakable.

The "O"s in the Ooze logo hold two 5ml non-stick silicone concentrate containers to hold two separate strains of concentrates. These containers are completely airtight and waterproof so you can be sure they'll be safe and sound until it's time to dab. The "Z" and "e" of the logo feature different-sized holes to store dabbers and small tools like cotton swabs and pokers, and the "e" has a larger slot for a standard lighter. Never waste time looking for your dab tools before a smoke session again!

Product Features:

  • Colors: Slime Green and Black
  • 12ct Display
  • Two 5ml Non-Stick Silicone Containers
  • Airtight and Waterproof Containers
  • Variety of Slots for Accessories


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