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ROOR Glass 50x5 18" Beaker - Milky Green (Assorted Label)

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ROOR Glass 50x5 18" Beaker - Milky Green (Assorted Label)

Assorted Label Colors (Label color will be random)

ROOR® 18" Beaker

Born of 50mm x 5mm German Schott glass. Each ROOR® tube proudly displays a unique signature.

This ROOR® glass piece has been scientifically proportioned to make each use an easier pull with more diffusion and provides more smoke per draw.

Each classic ROOR® piece has built in ice pinches allowing the option of the addition of ice to cool any hit. To ensure a perfect hit each time this piece is used, every downstem is hand measured and cut to each individual piece.

ROOR® has been a standard for smokers and collectors since 1995.

ROOR Box Included. Authentication seal *Attached to Tube with Online Authenticator.


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