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Vibes Rice Fatty Rolling Papers

Vibes "Fatty" Rolling Paper

Introducing the epitome of cool in the world of rolling: VIBES® Fatty Size premium rolling papers. Crafted for the connoisseurs of indulgence, these papers redefine the art of rolling up in a symphony of style and substance.

Picture this: a generous 53mm expanse of paper that stretches out like an uncharted canvas, inviting you to embark on a creative journey. It's double-wide, a statement in itself, promising an experience beyond the ordinary. Whether you're a seasoned roller or a newcomer with big ambitions, these papers are your partner in pushing boundaries and embracing the larger-than-life.

But there's more – much more. VIBES® Fatty Size papers have a secret weapon: the gum strip. Infused with the purity of natural Arabic gum sourced from Acacia, it's the adhesive that seals the deal with a smooth touch. A seamless roll is guaranteed, elevating your craftsmanship to the realm of true artistry.


    • Vibes Rolling Paper
    • Size: King 
    • 33 Papers Per Pack
    • 50 Packs Per Box


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