This day in age,  every industry has it's consumers and the connoisseurs. The Apples and the Androids. The Artisans and the Beginners. Don't let such a simple product fool you. No shop would be fully equipped without a case of Glob Mops. Here is 9 reason why carrying Glob Mops in your store is an absolute must.


1) It's a q-tip
2) There's nothing on the market like it
3) The mileage you're putting on Quartz Bangers don't you think you'd want the most premium product to keep it squeaky clean?
4) It's Durable and its' conical shape gets the job done every time.
5) 6 Pack- $18.00 - Sell each pack at $8.00 Even
6) Out of the millions of brands in the cannabis industry, Glob Mops has one of the most LOYAL followings
7) After every session your customer is going to use dozens of q-tips(Weekly Seller)
8) It's Affordable
9) Wrapped 20x Tighter than a normal q-tip, Bamboo Center instead of the bendy cotton you're used to

Oh did we mention they come in travel packs too?