Elixicure is the only medicated product we carry because they're SG labs certified, and the product literally sells itself. No sales pitch necessary, if your customers have back pain, bruises, neck pain, swollen knees or elbows this is the answer to their problems.
Elixicure is made using all natural ingredients. The Hemp extract used by Elixicure is one of the main chemical compounds naturally found in the hemp plant and contributes to the many beneficial medial qualities of medical hemp. 

Check out the new packaging! 

Same great roll on, with a whole new look! Each case comes complete with 15 units now instead of 12. The price did increase due to adding three more roll-on's per case. Available in   Click below to order your case now! 

Click here to shop nowhttps://www.toobsdistribution.com/collections/elixicure-medicated-roll-on 

Check out the all NEW Elixicure creams! 

Elixicure has added new cream products and scents to their line up! The new 2oz. pump and 8oz pumps come in the original scent and lavender scent. The creams are perfect for the customer that suffers from intense inflammation and achy joints. 

Check out the CREAMS! 

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