Eyce Molds continue to push the silicone boundaries here in 2018 with the launch of their newest rig, the Sidecar! Each Sidecar you receive in your 6-pack will come in a different funky color! The Sidecar features a rotating mouth piece and its perfect for the customers who love to smoke outside! Platnium cured, these are the number one selling silicone rigs on the market! 

Each Sidecar is equipped with a rotating mouthpiece just like the one featured above. Its easy to use and very convenient when it comes to cleaning. 


The top portion of the Sidecar was designed to hold your herb right on top of your rig. You can use the cap conveniently as a carb-cap, it fits perfectly over the 90 degree 2mm quartz banger that is included with every sidecar purchase. On the side you can see that it also comes with a dab tool and water filtration system. These RIP, and they provide your shop with a unique opportunity to sell indestructible smoke gear! 

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