With Christmas right around the corner, it was time for the Toobs Crew to update our Mav selection! We've added tons of new Beakers, Straights and recyclers for you all to enjoy! At Toobs we take pride in making sure that all of your glass orders are double bubble wrapped and packed perfectly to ensure a safe delivery! 
Check out the B18CL beakers with colored lips! Each beaker is hand crafted using 5mm thick boro, and the colored lips are available in seven different colors! 
Choose from: 
  • Black
  • Forest 
  • Ooze 
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Slime 
  • White 
The Sleeve Beaker is also one of our favorite new pieces from Mav, its 18" tall and covered in mini Mav logos! This piece packs tons of shelf appeal, get yours in stock for the holidays! 
Mav Glass is produced close to our facility in Los Angeles, CA. We frequent their facility and their production of new pieces coming into 2019 is on point! At Toobs we plan on giving you more of Mav Glass as we creep into the new year! Feel free to email us suggestions of products you'd like to see us carry! 
Email: ToobsDistribution@gmail.com 
Want to shop more of Mav Glass? Click here https://www.toobsdistribution.com/collections/mav-glass