Being one of the top West Coast distributors for SkilletTools has been an honor! The Toobs Team continues to push the boundaries within this vastly growing market. Our SkilletTools collection for the past four months has been primarily consistent of their classic line, as well as their gold line! Both have been great sellers for us, and our team is excited to see what numbers we can produce with this new selection of Anodized Tools.
SkilletTools is located in Gardena, CA. When it comes to dab tools, Toobs only works with the best in the game. Being smokers ourselves, we used to actively use the cheap ones you can find just about anywhere...until we picked up our first Honeybun. Their easy grip handles, light weight and overall feel make taking a relaxing dab that much more enjoyable.
The Anodized line is truly unique, customers eyes tend to gravitate towards them. Each tool gives off a glazed blue burnt look that can only be accomplished by SkilletTools!
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