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Bong-Aid Banger Brush 4oz Bottle Case - ($8 Built In Shipping Fee)

Bong-Aid , Cleaning

Bong-Aid Banger Brush 4oz Bottle Case - ($8 Built In Shipping Fee)

Bong Aid's most new product is now available at Toobs! This product is an absolute game changer for cleaning quartz bangers. Each bottle comes with a 4oz bottle of 99.99% Isopropyl Alcohol and a reusable brush for cleaning your banger. Each brush is re-usable for over 1,000+ uses. Your customer can either buy a 16oz bottle to regularly refill with fresh Isopropyl or continue to use the same batch. After each use the brush itself is cleaned while sitting in the jar, which is what allows it to be re-usable for multiple sessions. This is a must have for all shops!

Case includes 10 bottles.

Suggested Retail: $14.99

What it is: Bong Aid - Glass Cleaner is a single ingredient glass cleaning solution, containing pure 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. Made in the USA, this product contains the highest quality alcohol. Our Glass Cleaner is free of unwanted diluents, contaminants, or particulates often found glass cleaning products.

What is does: Bong Aid - Glass Cleaner cleans your glass by breaking down and stripping unwanted resin/claim, mold, fungi, and bacteria in the glass. After use, your glass will look and smell brand new.

The reason we made it: We made Bong Aid - Glass Cleaner to enhance smoking experiences, using the most simple ingredients. The benefit of using only 99% alcohol to clean your glass will discourage the presence of micro abrasions, typically caused when using salt, within your glass. This in turn creates a better, more pure smoking experience.


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