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Empire Glassworks Mini Rig - Dragon Sphere

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Empire Glassworks Mini Rig - Dragon Sphere

This fierce, Dragon Sphere Mini-Tube and accompanying quartz banger and glass cap are designed for use with legal oils & concentrates. They feature a certain iconic earth dragon clutching his precious gold treasure. 

"Eternal Dragon, By your Name I Summon You!!!"



  • Dragon Sphere Tube Body
  • Fixed Three-Hole Downstem
  • 14.5mm Reinforced Female Banger Hanger
  • 14.5mm Male; Opal Bowl Piece
  • Wrapped with Earth Dragon Sculpture 



Height: 6.25" Width: 4.0"  Weight: 320 Grams



  • Individually Hand Crafted Art Piece.
  • Limited Quantity and Availability. 


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