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Pink Formula Air - 4oz Odor Eliminator

Cleaning , New Arrivals , Pink Formula Cleaner

Pink Formula Air - 4oz Odor Eliminator
Clean. Fresh. Air.

Pink Air is a bio-friendly formula that eliminates odors and cleans the air that you breathe. 

This special deodorizing formula is safe and effective at eliminating odors on  clothing and fabrics making them smell fresh and clean. 

Apply as needed for continued odor-free protection

  • 4oz Spray Bottle
  • Does Not Cover Odors, It NEUTRALIZES Them!
  • Eliminate the Smell of Smoke, Sweat and Welding Smoke
  • Ideal for Automobiles, Restrooms, Closets & other Stinky Areas
  • Breaks Down the Tars from Smoking
  • Quick-Acting
  • Convenient to Carry 
  • Aids in Cleaning Fabric
  • Removes Stains & Smoke Odors
  • Leaves a Clean, Pleasant Smell
  • Long Lasting Odor Control


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