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STACHE Grynder 2.5" 5 Piece - Red

Grinders , Stache Grynder

STACHE Grynder 2.5" 5 Piece - Red

This 5 chamber grinder is not your average grinder. The Grynder features micro rounded teeth that make grinding your flower effortless and prevent flower from caking up inside. The micro teeth, added to the large flower chamber and Neodymium Magnets allows you to place "full sized herbs" in the Grynder delivering softer fluffier herbs. The silky smooth threading offers ease of assembly/disassembly. 

The top lid of the Grynder unscrews to reveal a secret storage chamber for excess material. Everything you need to effortlessly grind your flower. 

Includes pollen scraper and cleaning brush.

  • 2.5" Diameter
  • 5 Piece Grinder


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