We love to look for products that are different, and unique to this vastly growing industry! Four20 Essentials grabbed our attention from the very beginning, the aerospace technology built into the cleaning rod allows you to bend it to reach those hard to clean area's!

The Four20 Rod Cannabis Care Kit gives you everything you need to start maximizing your THC experience!

Four20 Rod is made from special material also used in aerospace and medical products. Bowl-Side offers a long tapered design to fit most bowl pieces and a sharp squared off edge for additional resin scraping. Stem-Side offers a reverse-locked jaw system for scraping and secure use of clouds with over 9-inches in length to cover most 14 mm & 18 mm down-stems. 

Kit Includes:

(1) Four20 Rod (2) Four20 Clouds (2) Four20 Mats

Four20 Clouds are reusable and made specially for the Four20 Rod design. 

Brought to you by Four20 Essentials.


For Use with the Four20 Rod.

The Four20 Clouds are made with durable, absorbent foam. Unique foam cloud shape is designed to work effectively with the Four20 ROD on clearing resin. 

Box Includes:

(2) Four20 Clouds, (3) Four20 Mats

Caution: Foam material is flammable. 

Brought to you by Four20 Essentials.  


If you want to carry Four20 Essentials in your shop, email us at Toobsdistribution@gmail.com for pricing!