Glass nectar collectors have been taking the dab market by storm over the past couple of years! Silinectar gear by Piece Maker decided to charge the market completely by giving your customers something made from food grade silicone, and making it absolutely unique and totally appealing to the human eye! The Silinectar nectar collector comes in a variety of colors, and its capable of going just about anywhere you'd like the take it!
Let's go over some of the Silinectar key features....
  • Made entirely from platinum cured silicone (Heat resistant up to 550 degrees)
  • Food grade silicone body with built in water percolators
  • 10mm Female Joint for use with other compatible nails
  • Comes with 10mm Titanium nail
  • Docking station ( For use when heating up the rig)
  • Titanium Dab tool included
How to explain Silicone products to your customers: Silicone is an extremely durable substance used throughout every day life. It is heat resistant, it can be easily cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol and is of course 100% dishwasher safe!
How do your customers use this thing?
After assembly, they can mount the nectar collector on the provided docking station which allows ease of use when applying heat to the titanium nail. In preparation, we recommend using the provided silicone slots on the docking station to put your favorite concentrates in. Using a standard butane torch, heat the Titanium nail for around 15-20 seconds. After the nail has been heated, remove the nectar collector from the docking station and slowly dip the titanium tip into the concentrate of your choice while inhaling through the mouth piece at the same time. GLOW SLOW! These things pack a punch, last but not least make sure they enjoy the experience!
Watch our video guide Chris show you just how well they work!
Silinectar gear sales are increasing every week, and the customers seem to love the idea of a silicone nectar collector! Happy ordering!