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KARMA Hemp Wraps "Zig-Zagz" - Blazin Blue

KARMA Hemp Wraps "Zagz" , Rolling Paper & Wraps , Wraps

KARMA Hemp Wraps "Zig-Zagz" - Blazin Blue
Karma Hemp Wraps Blazin Blue 25 Pack with 2 Wraps per Pack!


Manufactured in the United States, Karma Blazin Blue Hemp Wraps by Zig Zag is by far, one of the best-tasting blunt wraps ever made! However, the bad boys are 100% all-natural and organic! Plus, at Buy Little Cigars we offer 25-pack value boxes!

Besides that, Karma Blazin Blue Hemp Wraps are rich, unique tasting, and authentic to the core! In fact, Karma are made for 100% pure, premium-grade, US-grown Hemp! So if you’re in search of Vegan-approved blunt wraps, then take a chance on Karma and seek no further! Indeed, these wraps offer all of the above-mentioned features, plus our bundle box is priced to save you cash right off the bat, unlike smoke shops and gas stations!


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