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KARMA Hemp Wraps "Zig-Zagz" - Original

KARMA Hemp Wraps "Zagz" , Rolling Paper & Wraps , Wraps

KARMA Hemp Wraps "Zig-Zagz" - Original
Karma Hemp Wraps Original 25 Pack with 2 Wraps per Pack!


If you’ve been on a quest to find pure, organic blunt wraps, then seek no further than Karma Original Hemp Wraps by Zig Zag! Indeed, these bad boys are 100% authentic, no additives, no artificial flavors, no chemical or by-products, just premium, all-natural, US-grown Hemp!

 That’s right; Karma Original Hemp Wraps Vegan-approved, meaning no GMO, no gluten, no tobacco, and of course, no nicotine! So if you’re looking to Go Green by keeping it clean, then, by all means, give Karma Original Hemp Wraps a try today and save! As you can see, our 25-pack value boxes are priced just right.


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