We are excited to announce our partnership with Mav Glass here at Toobs Distribution! We started with two silicone products 11 months ago, to have brands believe in Toobs Distribution this much shows us we're on the path to success! Mav Glass is Hand Blown in Los Angeles, CA. Their pieces are full of vibrant colors, and unique functionality.
Mini 4" Sherlocks from Mav Glass
Mav Glass is known for the iconic logo, and unique color options! These mini Sherlock's have been a Toobs Top seller for the past two weeks! They add style, and cool color options for the customers who like to keep it simple!  Order yours today!
When the Mav shipment arrived from Los Angeles, it came on a flat-bed truck with
16 Mav boxes like the one pictured above. Mav Glass does it right when it comes to branding, we couldn't have been more stoked. Having a company take this much pride in their hard work really shows us how much they care about their brand. Truly Unique!
Each individual box was packed with glass pieces from their 2017 collection. When you order Mav from Toobs, your glass will come protected in a white box and bubble wrapped like the photo featured above. Each Glass item is labeled with the color, and an identification code. We have all their up to date marketing material, your customers will be happy when you had them a Mav Glass pin and a sticker!
The team here at Toobs Distribution is dedicated to bringing you the best quality products, for the best possible prices. Our team is friendly, and we want to make sure your smoke shop or dispensary is set up to succeed. Want to order Mav Glass over the phone?
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